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DermaGlow™ Light Therapy Mask

DermaGlow™ Light Therapy Mask

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Bring back healthier and younger looking skin from your 20's and wave goodbye to exhausted and aged face.

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Wipe out wrinkles & fine lines in 15 minutes

  • Stimulates natural collagen

    Protein responsible for strengthening, elasticity and hydration of skin, removing and preventing wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

  • Improves skin complexion

    Red light therapy is the most effective way to stimulate cell regeneration, to reduce redness, even out your skin tone and smoothens out skin

  • Skincare made EASY

    No more dozens of products and strict routines. It's as easy as to:

    1. Put on your mask

    2. Press the button to choose the colour

    3. Wear for 15 minutes

Tighter & softer skin after one use

Lose guesswork of traditional skincare routines & look younger without injecting botox or fillers.

8/10 women reported visible results after first therapy

Adored by You & Your skin!

  • Samantha

    "... HUGE difference even from yesterday when he had first used the mask. I love this product THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR giving my son a big boost of confidence today and a smile!"

  • Natalia

    I'll be honest, I didn't expect much when I first tried the red light mask. I've spent too much on things that promised alot but gave 0 results. But this mask is different. After just a few days, I started noticing those laugh lines softening, my skin felt smoother, and I looked... fresher, younger. This mask gave me a piece of myself back.

  • Elsa Grote

    Image is after a month of everyday use. I started using it for 6 days straight used 30mins daily with serum using Red green and purple lights on different days. therapists say true results after 3 months but I must say that it helps to heal spots that you pop pretty much overnight. 15 mins on different lights.


In what time frame should I see results from Derma Glow™?

With 15 minutes/day results are visible within first 2-4 weeks!

Can Derma Glow™ be used on other body parts?

Although it's made for the face primarely, it can be used on neck, shoulders, legs or arms.

What if I don't like it or see no results?

That's why we got our "Glow up or Cash Back" in 21 day Guaranteed.

If you don't see any results, reach out to us and we'll send your money right away!

How many LED's does it have?

DermaGlow is equipped with 90 LED's so it covers every inch of your face!

Can Derma Glow™ be used with other skin care products?

Sure it can! It'll even improve their efficiency and absorption!

We recommend using them after your therapy. Simple face wash before the therapy will be just fine!

Can I use it if I have hyperpigmentation?

Of course you can. Red light therapy has showed successfull in reducing hyperpigmentation! Keep in mind that consistency is the key!

Is red light therapy safe?

DermaGlow Light Therapy Mask is completely safe and has been CE certified.

Light therapy as a skincare routine is safe as it doesn't burn skin. It is highly advised to wear it according to instructions.